Happiness Is

A Month Without Eating Out

For the last month, I have made a conscious effort to avoid social media (particularly Facebook) and blogs. I think that I did pretty well! I did occasionally check Facebook to respond to messages from friends. However, I only stayed on for 5-10 minutes. I also caught up on some of my blog reading one day at work when I found myself stuck in the copy room, babysitting a copy project. When I did procrastinate, rather than wasting time online, I was more likely to do something slightly more productive, like folding laundry. I did find myself spending more time on Pinterest in the beginning, but after a few days of that, I got kind of bored with it and stopped checking it frequently.

Overall, I found that I did not really miss social media or blog reading. I used to feel guilty and lazy when I realized that I’d sunk 30 minutes into unproductive online time. I don’t miss that feeling at all! I plan to keep up this practice of avoiding social media and blog reading as I think that my life is much improved without it. I will probably maintain the pattern of one month without, one day for looking at whatever I want, and then back to one month without.

I thought that this month I would take a break from coffee, but instead, I think that I will go a month without eating out or buying coffees out. I am typically fairly disciplined about that, but have done some backsliding since the holidays and want to get back on track.